Bee Removal and Wasp Removal

wasp-nestBee removal and wasp removal from Lush Lawn protects your household from nasty stings and provides you peace of mind. Bees, wasps and hornets are known to incite fear and even anxiety when confronted with one or all of these flying pests, especially those people that when stung can cause an allergic reaction. They are quick to disrupt any social outdoor gathering as they buzz around.

About Bees and Wasps

Not all stinging insects are dangerous. Bees, for example, are extremely beneficial to the environment with their pollinating activities. Wasps are known to feed off insects found in the lawn. Of course, you should always remain cautious when confronting any of these insects as they will attack and/or sting in defense if they feel they or their nests are being threatened.

Contact Safari Tree

Safari Tree’s professional Pest Control can effectively eliminate and remove all bees, wasps and hornets and their nests from your property. If you are experiencing an infestation, or notice a swarm of these flying insects on and around your home, it is important to contact us today so that you can rest easy.