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After more than fifteen years in professional tree service, Safari Tree has the industry skills and expertise keep Brighton beautiful. From warding off insects to eliminating fungus to nourishing roots, we take a professional and holistic approach to tree service, maintaining stunning greenery throughout the year. Let us work for you!


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Safari’s 7-Step Tree Service Program

Safari Tree has developed a seven-step strategy for tree care, which involves:

  1. Spring Oil Service- In the early spring, we deter insects with dormant oil.
  2. First Feeding- Later in the spring, we fertilize your trees’ deep roots, providing the nutrients for robust summer growth.
  3. Shoring Up with Spray- At the start of the summer, we spray the tree to kill insects and fungi.
  4. Secondary Spray- As the summer continues, we spray the tree again, further bolstering it against disease.
  5. Tertiary Treatment- We spray your tree a third time toward the end of the summer, ensuring that any fungi or insects that escaped the first treatments are finally eliminated.
  6. Fall Feeding- As the fall begins, we provide another round of deep root fertilizer. This gives your plant the resources to bolster itself against cold weather.
  7. Defending Against Desiccants- Our professional tree care program ends by applying an anti-desiccant spray, which prevents winter weather from drying out your tree.

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Tree Pest Control Service

In addition to our comprehensive tree care strategy, Safari Tree offers a number of other pest control services that target harmful pests specifically. We use organic, perimeter, and other methods to free your home from spiders, ticks, ants, fleas, mosquitoes, and stinging insects. We also provide mole and vole care, upholding the same commitment to quality that we provide with insect services. Get more information on how our pest control services can keep your trees and yard pest-free.

Let Safari Tree care for your trees! Our services aren’t limited to Brighton but are also available in Ann Arbor, Howell, Novi, South Lyon, Canton, Northville, Plymouth, Livonia, and Pinckney. All of these locations are easily accessible from our headquarters at 1300 Rickard Road in Brighton.


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