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With more than a decade of experience in professional tree work, Safari Tree is a tree care company that is always available to protect your plants. Our holistic tree care eliminates all arboreal vulnerabilities, setting the stage for enduring tree health. Between our myriad skills and our commitment to quality, we can preserve your trees under any circumstances.

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A 7-Step Tree Service Program from Safari Tree

Professional tree care is never a one-off. Trees require ongoing attention in various forms, all of which are steps in our professional tree service program:

Step 1: Beginning in early spring, we coat the tree in dormant oil to guard against insects.

Step 2: We provide a deep root fertilizer to nourish your tree for spring and summer growth.

Step 3: We spray a dual insecticide/fungicide to prevent your tree from becoming infested or sick.

Step 4: We apply a second coat of the insect and fungal protection to further bolster tree health.

Step 5: A third and final coat of protective spray, applied as the summer ends, keeps your tree strong as cold weather approaches.

Step 6: For fall and winter nourishment, we provide another round of deep root fertilizer.

Step 7: As winter draws nearer, we spray your tree with an anti-desiccant to hold in moisture.

Don’t leave your trees unprepared for the changing seasons. Find out more about our professional tree care program.


Professional Pest Control for Rochester Hills Trees

The Rochester Hills region has its fair share of insects, spiders, moles, and voles, and Safari Tree is committed to getting rid of all of them. Our pest control arsenal contains traditional, organic, and perimeter pest control methods, allowing us to protect you in whatever way suits you best. For more information on professional pest protection for yourself, your family, and your foliage, visit our website today.

Whether you are located in Rochester Hills proper or the surrounding areas of Bloomfield Hills, Waterford, West Bloomfield, Troy, Sterling Heights, Clarkston, Lake Orion, Macomb Township, Auburn Hills or Detroit, Safari Tree is committed to providing quality tree care. Contact us today or visit our office at 2149 Avon Industrial Drive for a free estimate.